Nozzle Cleaning Stations

Automating spatter removal helps to extend the life of your robotic MIG guns and consumables, benefiting your bottom line, production uptime and throughput. Choose between our TOUGH GUN® TT3 reamer (analog model), or our new TOUGH GUN TT3E reamer (Ethernet model) further enhanced with digital Ethernet communication for better integration.

TOUGH GUN TT3 reamer equipped with sprayer reservoir, lubricator and wire cutterTOUGH GUN TT3E Ethernet reamer shown from front on slight angle
FeatureTOUGH GUN TT3 Reamer (analog)TOUGH GUN TT3E Reamer (Ethernet)
Communication protocolManual Source/SinkSignal from PLC
Sprayer comes standardYesYes
Air motor (standard 3/4 HP)YesYes
Spindle (full stroke distance)YesYes
4-sided v-block for standard nozzle sizesYesYes
Tregaskiss® cutter blade compatibleYesYes
Quick-change base plateYesYes
Daisy chain compatibility to minimize cell wiringNoYes
Double stroke functionNoYes
Program custom ream cycleNoYes
Air blast featureNoYes
Network connectionNoYes
Optional wire cutter available*YesYes
Optional filter/regulator available*YesYes
Optional lubricator available*YesYes
Compatible with TOUGH GUN reamer stand*YesYes
Compatible with TOUGH GARD® anti-spatter multi-feed system*YesYes

*Sold separately