TOUGH GUN Reamer Stand

Custom height. Quick installation. Easy on the budget.

Tregaskiss provides a simple fixed height durable stand for all TOUGH GUN® TT3 and TOUGH GUN TT3E reamer models.

Each TOUGH GUN reamer stand can be ordered to a custom height between 18- and 45-inches.

  • Competitively priced due to simplified design
  • Facilitates quick and accurate reamer change-outs via compatibility with the reamer quick-change base plate
  • Precision manufactured, reamer mounting hole pattern specific to TOUGH GUN® TT3 and TT3E reamer robotic nozzle cleaning stations eliminates issues that may be experienced with third party stands
  • Standardized 8.5-inch by 6.5-inch hole pattern for mounting the stand to the floor allows stands to easily be swapped between stations


  • Available in custom heights between 18- and 45-inches
  • Includes the clamps and fasteners required for cable management along the stand
  • Includes the hardware required for mounting a filter/regulator unit (filter/regulator sold separately)

Reamer Base Plate Dimensions

Reamer Base Plate dimensions
RST-18Reamer Stand, 18-inch height
RST-19Reamer Stand, 19-inch height
RST-20Reamer Stand, 20-inch height
RST-21Reamer Stand, 21-inch height
RST-22Reamer Stand, 22-inch height
RST-23Reamer Stand, 23-inch height
RST-24Reamer Stand, 24-inch height
RST-25Reamer Stand, 25-inch height
RST-26Reamer Stand, 26-inch height
RST-27Reamer Stand, 27-inch height
RST-28Reamer Stand, 28-inch height
RST-29Reamer Stand, 29-inch height
RST-30Reamer Stand, 30-inch height
RST-31Reamer Stand, 31-inch height
RST-32Reamer Stand, 32-inch height
RST-33Reamer Stand, 33-inch height
RST-34Reamer Stand, 34-inch height
RST-35Reamer Stand, 35-inch height
RST-36Reamer Stand, 36-inch height
RST-37Reamer Stand, 37-inch height
RST-38Reamer Stand, 38-inch height
RST-39Reamer Stand, 39-inch height
RST-40Reamer Stand, 40-inch height
RST-41Reamer Stand, 41-inch height
RST-42Reamer Stand, 42-inch height
RST-43Reamer Stand, 43-inch height
RST-44Reamer Stand, 44-inch height
RST-45Reamer Stand, 45-inch height



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