Fixed Automatic Air-Cooled MIG Guns

Tregaskiss fixed automatic air-cooled MIG guns are engineered for hard tooling automation applications requiring a simple, durable and repeatable MIG gun.

Achieve maximum uptime and throughput, and with high performance consumables, armored neck and body and simple internal connections, these torches are quick and easy to maintain.

MA1 MIG Guns

  • Available in 350 and 385 amp models
  • Spring-guard strain relief prevents kinking and abrasion
  • Air-cooled neck is made from aircraft grade aluminum
  • Compatible with TOUGH GUN I.C.E.® technology

Auto Heads

  • Available in 550 amp models
  • Designed for direct connection to a wire feeder in automatic applications
  • Compatible with TOUGH GUN I.C.E. technology