250 amp S-Gun semi-automatic air-cooled MIG gun

S-Gun 250 amp Semi-Automatic Air-Cooled MIG Guns

Designed to meet the needs of the shipbuilding and construction industries, the Bernard® S-Gun™ 250 amp semi-automatic air-cooled gun model offers a locked rotatable neck that cannot be easily removed by the welding operator, but is still readily serviceable by maintenance. The result is less time spent by welders at the beginning of a shift looking for or replacing MIG gun necks.

  • Features a steel monocoil cable for superior wire feedability
  • The locked rotatable neck is easily serviceable by maintenance and eliminates downtime at start of shift due to missing necks resulting in reduced operator costs
  • Back end with durable rigid strain relief; easily interchangeable direct plugs and trigger leads connect to wire feeders and machines from major manufacturers and allow simple maintenance
  • Unicable equipped with Stay-Tite™ technology and internal gas hose that resists kinking, and improves gas flow and feedability
  • Jump liner allows for replacement of only most commonly worn or clogged liner area, which reduces the amount of time a gun is offline and minimizes inventory


  • MIG (GMAW) welding

Amperage Ratings

  • 100%: 250 amp with CO2 gas


  • Available for wire sizes from 0.023″ (0.6 mm) to 1/8″ (3.2 mm)

Part Numbers

Quik Tip™ Contact Tips

T1045for 0.045″ (1.2 mm) wire
T1052for 0.052″ (1.3 mm) wire
T1116for 1/16″ (1.6 mm) wire

Quik Tip Diffusers

D118QDiffuser; 1/8″ recess, threaded

Quik Tip Nozzles

N1C58Q5/8″ bore, plated copper, threaded

Note: The S-Gun 250 amp semi-automatic air-cooled MIG gun can be converted to use Quik Tip contact tips in additional wire sizes from 0.023″ (0.6 mm) – 0.039″ (1.0 mm), or to use Centerfire™ consumables. Contact us for more information.

Consider the following accessories for your Bernard S-Gun 250 amp semi-automatic air-cooled MIG gun:

  • Gun Hanger
  • Repair Kits



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