Tregaskiss QUICK LOAD Liner Replacement Race

Have you ever timed the difference between changing a rear-loading liner and a QUICK LOAD® Liner? We have! As the clock counts away, it took 2:05 minutes to change a QUICK LOAD Liner. As the robot using the QUICK LOAD Liner is already up and welding, the rear-loading liner continues to be installed. There are many benefits to using a QUICK LOAD Liner in addition to reducing downtime. A gun that stays connected to the feeder during liner replacement increases safety, reduces scrap and reduces wear. It also increases safety as there is no need to climb up to boom-mounted feeders or enter robotic cells. It reduces scrap wire as liners are removed and replaced over the wire. Reducing wear on the gun power pin, worn o-rings can cause gas leakage and poor weld quality. It took 3:31 minutes to change the rear loading liner — that’s 40% more production downtime! This was an ideal setup with an easily accessible feeder rear-loading liner replacement downtime increases as access to the feeder becomes more challenging. QUICK LOAD Liner Less Downtime, Less Waste, More Safety.

Watch as we compare the time it takes to replace a liner. QUICK LOAD® liners are able to be replaced in half the time of a conventional rear-loading liner.