Bernard AccuLock S Consumables for Better Productivity

Meet Sam, a semi-automatic MIG Welding Supervisor at an Industrial Company. Sam’s faced with increasing manufacturing growth putting production throughput and quality targets at an all time high. Everyday Sam wastes valuable time troubleshooting welding issues related to poor wire-feeding such as birdnesting, burnbacks and erratic arc, which all leads to poor weld quality. What if there was a solution for Sam?

Introducing AccuLock (Semi-Auto) Consumables:

  • Error proof your liner installation
  • Perfect liner trimming every time — no measuring required with AccuLock S Liners!
  • Eliminate the many weld quality and downtime issues caused by liners trimmed too short

Shorten Your Troubleshooting List:

  • Flawless wire-feeding path — Liners are locked and concentrically aligned with the contact tip and power pin
  • Eliminate issues caused by liner misalignment and gaps along the wire-feed path

With AccuLock Consumables, SAM (and you) can… Load and Lock for Better Productivity, reduced troubleshooting, downtime and rework.

Load and Lock with Bernard® AccuLock™ S consumables.